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2012-11-16 Mao Ruoyi's birthday event

TimeZ YinYueTai Interview


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2011-09-13 Kong Shu Hang's (Kee) cover of Sun Yanzi's Rainy Day

Kong Shu Hang (Kee) of Time-Z, predebut.

Lee Hyeong Joo (Harry) of Time-Z, predebut.

(1/6) TimeZ Member Pimp Post:

Kee || Kong Shu Hang || 孔舒航

DOB: February 6, 1989

Height: 178 cm

Blood Type: O

Position: Leader, Vocal

Hello there! I’ve had this URL saved for awhile, and with the new level of interest in TimeZ after the MAMA awards, I think I’ll give this fuck-yeah blog a shot. This post is sort of an announcement that this blog is now officially open for business. 

Also, as of now I’m the only admin of this blog. I’m pretty snazzy with html, photo editing, and making gifs so I can make this blog pretty and make pretty edits with TimeZ oppas. HOWEVER! Even though I understand and speak Chinese I am a complete n00b at navigating chinese websites, for example: Sina, Baidu, Weibo, etc. If you haven’t seen Chinese websites, they’re like a jungle of fine print links all mushed into a single page and I honestly do not know how to navigate them. This is where my search of an admin comes in. 

I’m looking for an admin that has experience with:

-navigating Chinese websites (this includes knowing how to find fansites)

-it helps if you also know how to navigate naver and any other korean website…however I don’t think there’s much on timez on korean sites

And that’s it! If you are interested in the position or if you have any questions, feel free to inbox me.